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7/13/2023 Bridgepointe Board Meeting Minutes

Bridgepointe Board Meeting

7/13/2023 7:11 Call to Order

Present:  Kevin Lilly, Kristen Howell, Darlea Wilbeck, Alan Hicks, Brian Dosser

Motion made to accept Jean Surles Resignation by Alan Hicks, Darlea Wilbeck seconded the motion

Motion made to nominate Brian Dosser to the Board in the role of Treasurer, to fulfill Jean’s term made by Alan Hicks; Kristen Howell seconded the motion. Board voted unanimously to approve Brian Dosser to the Board as Treasurer.

Board discussed that Brian would take action to get new signature cards for the bank.  The Board discussed that officers were covered in the D&O insurance policy by the board.  

The Board discussed the recommendations made by legal counsel Robert Blend to update the board by-laws to include recent changes in the law as well as a few policies that were not represented in the current by-laws.

The Recommendations included:  

  1. Assessment Collection Policy

  2. Bid Process Policy

  3. Document Inspection and Copying Policy

  4. Document Retention Policy

  5. Architectural Review Authority Policy

  6. Payment Plan Policy

The Board discussed the contents of the changes and agreed to the recommendations set forth in the by-laws.  The Board determined that we will set our Board Meeting for August 14 and will notify the homeowners of these bylaw changes 7 days in advance of that meeting.

Alan Hicks reported that a pest control vendor was going door-to-door in the neighborhood.  When questioned about how he got in, he reported that he climbed over the gate between Bridgepointe neighborhood and the new gate for the apartments.  It was discussed that Kevin shall let know the apartment owners know about this.  

Alan brought up a discussion regarding his frustration that the Center lots and undeveloped lots had much overgrowth on them again and were no longer in compliance with the law that states that homeowners shall keep their lawn cut to less than 12inches of growth.  Discussed whether or not this part of the property was an easement and perhaps the right of the association to keep clean.  Kristen, Darlea and Brian suggested that we ought to write the homeowners and request mowing.  The neighborhood is frustrated by this property owners decision to not care for their property properly. Kevin stated that he would request the homeowners in writing to please mow their property.

New Business:  

Discussed the idea of a Fall get together, as the neighbors enjoyed the last pot luck

Darlea requested that board members please submit their pics and bio to her for the website.

Next meeting scheduled for August 14 at 7:00pm via zoom.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53

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