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8/14/2023 Bridgepointe Board Meeting Minutes

Bridgepointe Board Meeting 

8/14/2023 7:08 Call to Order

Present: Kevin Lilly, Kristen Howell, Darlea Wilbeck, Alan Hicks, Brian Dosser

Minutes:  Motion to accept prior meeting minutes: Brian;  Seconded - Alan

Treasury Report:  $7846 balance in account

Largest items in the P&L – street repairs $28,500; mowing: $6500 – entrance (trend $12,500; $640/mon + also one time landscape costs); $5300 expense to Blend Law Firm (another $1300 pending); annually put funds in at end of year for road costs – may not choose to do that this year since we spent funds for road; Jean already put it in, could vote to re-allocate that.  Consensus to not assess homeowners; would rather take annual road allocation item and use it toward legal fees this one year.

On pace for positive budget at year end, but not very many additional funds if there are unplanned expenses.

Old Business:  

  1. Consider and adopt new policies of the By-laws; presented at previous meeting:

  • 1) Bid policy – any expenditure in excess of $50,000 – need bid process

  • Motion – Brian; seconded by: Alan; vote 5-0 for

  • 2) Assessment collection process – if we have an assessment, process for communicating that and collecting; policy for $25 fee if insufficient funds from a homeowner; policy for payment plan

  • Motion – Brian; seconded by Darlea; vote 5-0 for

  • 3) Document retention policy – how long documents are kept (electronically acceptable) – financial books and records – 7 years; account records of current owners – 5 years; account records of former owners – 1 year; contracts – 4 years; minutes for 7 years; tax returns/audit records – 7 years; decisions of Architectural control committee – 7 years

  • Motion – Alan; seconded by: Brian; vote 5-0 for

  • 4) document inspection and copying policy – records kept in the normal course of business are available to inspect and fees to copy/including $15/hr labor fee if someone requests information, etc.

  • Motion – Brian; seconded by: Alan; vote 5-0 for

  • 5) Payment plan policy: payment plan for normal dues and assessments can be extended 3 months; owner must submit a signed payment plan

  • Motion – Darlea; seconded by: Brian; vote 5-0 for 

  • 6) Architectural Review Authority Policy – describes the authority of the ARC; discusses the appeal process through Board of Directors; the make-up of the committee cannot be a current board member or board member spouse/household member; only one hearing for appeal is required; final decision is made by board (upon appeal); gives board authority to modify any decision by ARC.

  • Motion – Brian; seconded by Alan; vote 5-0 for

These policies make up the changes that are recommended for updated by-laws that are compliant with current best practices and current legislation.  Kevin will sign all documents and take to courthouse for filing (or ask counsel).  Once these are filed, will notify homeowners and place on website.  

B) Mr. Jennings mowed the middle section after recent letter.  No additional conversation on this.

C) Gate between Bridgepointe and apartment complex – what are the options?  We are pressing them that they need to make recent changes right.  The board discussed how they changed the divide between the properties: they tore out the bushes; they poured concrete to join the two streets; and they added a gate that is quite open compared to previous.  Bottom line:  they encouraged people to use the walkway between the two properties.  We want a non-porous gate in the current place; we want clear separation and privacy between the properties.  Do we have a community member who knows McNamara?  Kevin to send notice to their property manager as a follow up to his previous email.  

D) Fall get-together:  Ask made to Brian and Karen Dosser – perhaps around Halloween time?

New Business: 

  1. Gate: sometimes opens on its own; repairs have tried to fix this, but it continues.  

  2. Upcoming Communication to homeowners:

  1. Notice of bylaws filed (once they are filed)

  2. Need to remind homeowners that personal gate codes should be created to give to vendors – and perhaps a FAQ on how to do this; it has been noticed that the bypass code used by 911 has been used excessively and it is thought that perhaps vendors were using this instead of being given a code by the homeowner.

  3. Fall get-together

Next Board meeting:  September 6 at 7:00pm

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